From Reversing DOACs to Restarting Anticoagulation: Know and Apply the Guidelines

When and how to use specific direct oral anticoagulant (DOAC) reversal agents is not straightforward. Two major professional societies (eg, the American College of Cardiology [ACC] and the American College of Emergency Physicians [ACEP]) issued expert panel recommendations for anticoagulant reversal only within the last year. In addition, reports of real-world experience with prothrombin complex concentrates (PCCSs) for DOAC reversal have been published in the recent past, potentially prompted by familiarity with PCCSs to reverse warfarin among other factors. Furthermore, evaluating whether and when to restart anticoagulation therapy is an important part of managing a patient with a DOAC-associated bleed. Join us in this E-monograph activity to explore these topics by a comprehensive review of evidence-based practice guidelines and real-world data around clinical outcomes for DOAC reversal.


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